The vegans are al(l)right!

I have been a vegetarian ever since I realized where meat came from and I’ve always been very conscious of buying animal products from places I thought would care about treating their animals with respect. Lately though I wasn’t able to shake off the thought that maybe labels don’t mean much anymore. So I did some research to discover that the European legislation is a joke when it comes to organic food or free range eggs. I am currently living in Berlin and I will probably continue living in bigger cities for a while, so I find it hard to get my food from a farm I trust. Therefore, I became vegan. It’s less work in the end…

I tried a vegan lifestyle about ten years ago but back then I wasn’t ready. I remember I encountered lots of difficulties and so when I made my decision this time I was very surprised to see how much the world has changed.  Being vegan nowadays is simple! Well… for the most part! At least you don’t need to run around wearing hemp sacks and eat a concoction of lettuce and tomato on a plate whenever you want to dine out!

I think my favorite change though has to be the abundance of vegan fashion. And Vaute Couture is where I spend most of my virtual-shopping time.

Vaute Couture is spelled for High Fashion (haute couture) with a V for vegan, but pronounced like “VOTE”. Their ethical high quality and high fashion apparel is produced with no animal derived materials! It all started with a line of winter coats for founder and designer Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart to survive the Chicago winter and turned into a wonderful selection of Coats, Tees, Sweaters and Art. Recently a flagship store was born in Brooklyn and I cant wait to go check it out!