Vintage Vegan Cupcake by Katharina Kröger aka KatzeI think the road to believing I could do almost anything I set my mind to might have started in the kitchen. To a certain extent I have always been conscious about what I was eating – a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle kinda requires you to read the information on food packaging. Sadly enough though, I didn’t really care about food. I cared about animals, always have, but apparently back then I didn’t consider myself one.

I didn’t grow up in a food culture. To me it was like a tool that you could use to fuel your body, to stop being grumpy or in a psychological way in the form of so called ‘comfort food’. And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy eating, I’ve always loved food. I just had to re-learn something that I now consider innate in any human, but I had learned to forget – respect food!

So, when I started my relationship with a person that is not only a little bit of a health super freak, but also the most passionate human being I’ve met when it comes to knowing where your food comes from and giving it due respect, I decided to reconsider some of my ways. The first change I made was: I started cooking! And despite my previous belief that I had no clue of what I was doing, it turned out I am not bad at it. Part of it is that vegetarian/vegan cooking makes you think more creatively and that is how I made my first step into doing things I never thought I could do, like painting, shooting photos and applying for jobs I never thought I would have a shot at. I found a way to connect with my creativity just by believing that it is there.

One of my job applications actually led to a great opportunity and I am currently working as a support member for ethical campaigns. This is where I met a wonderful girl who makes the most beautiful little cupcakes and looking at the miniature cakes reminded me of how I ended up here. And that I am so thankful, for cooking, baking, love and what it keeps teaching me every day!

Vegan Baked Apple Zucchini Wraps with New Mexico Red Chili