Flea Market Berlin Germany

A couple of months ago I decided to boycott H&M because, who am I kidding, when you sell T-Shirts for 5 EUR, something is not right… From a wannabe sustainable shopper’s perspective at least. So, then I had to pretty much stop shopping. I realized all the places I used to buy my clothes at, are H&M-type places. And I had a good reason, I couldn’t really afford anything else. I had grown very used to not thinking about the footprint my clothes had, because… well, because it’s easier that way. The older I get though, the less I want to be a hypocrite and the more I try to live a according to my beliefs. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping but I love having new clothes, so it has been really hard to change an old shopping habit.

A couple of weeks ago though I rediscovered something… FLEA MARKETS! I went to one as I seller trying to get rid of some stuff before I move to a different country and I realized there is so many treasures out there! One day, I will be able to support all the lovely stores that make unbelievable eco-friendly, fair-trade and vegan clothes, but for the time being flee markets are a great solution and if you do it with the right people, it can be such fun!