Eat&Run - My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek

I am definitely not a runner. I run though, I try. For the longest time I didn’t exercise, I lived a perfectly unhealthy city life. Cigarettes, party, not enough sleep, then too much sleep, crappy – though at least vegetarian – food, the whole package. Since then, a lot has changed and… I try to run. My body is in much better shape now and it is capable of a lot more than I ask from it. And that is what I would like to change, I want to challenge myself. I would definitely not describe myself as tough, I don’t like pain, I almost never enjoy the run, but I love the feeling of a) having accomplished something I never thought I could do and b) happy endorphins running through my body.

Running is also the most practical of sports, all you need is shoes (or not) and ground. I want to enjoy it, so I bought Scott Jurek’s book EAT&RUN. He is an elite athlete (this dude can run for over 100 miles) a serious vegan and he seems to know a lot about the power of the mind over the body. I read the first 20 pages and went for a run, it was one of those runs that I actually enjoyed, it felt like I was flying, though I’m sure I didn’t look like it… After finishing the book I feel inspired, not only to run free, but to explore my limits and reassess them.

This book, this person, this story are so inspiring to me, it makes me want to be better. I will never be an ultrarunner, I knew that before I was reading this book and I know that now, the difference is, now I know the only thing keeping me from becoming one is that I don’t have the aspiration to become one. However, I want to enjoy running itself. Life’s a journey after all!