Emily Nolan photographed  by Paul De Luna

Emily Nolan photographed by Paul De Luna

Reading other people’s thoughts and ideas on veganism has become part of my daily routine. I think it helps me feel connected, it’s always good to know there is like-minded people out there… One of my weekly readers is My Kind of Life. It is about Emily Nolan’s journey as a vegan, plus-size model and lifestyle blogger.

My Kind of Life seams like a journey of acceptance. A documented discovery of personal truth. Emily has overcome a serious eating disorder by listening to her body AND soul. As a (com)passionate animal lover, she discovered that a vegan lifestyle was the only way for her to get healthy.

Her blog is an inspiration and did I mention her fantastic giveaways? I recently won a Vaute Couture shirt and after we exchanged a couple of emails, I decided I wanted to know more about her life. So here is a little more insight…

  1. Since America’s Next Top Model (yes, I have watched it) we all know that being a working model can be a pretty demanding job and in most cases you have to take whatever you can get. As a vegan model, do you ever have to turn down jobs for ethical reasons?
    The job is very demanding, with nonstop travel, long hours, and wearing heels all day (usually the most painful), I’m pretty wiped by the end of the day. My agents and I have an agreement that I will not model for fur and leather companies, so I rarely get offers that I turn down for ethical reasons. Most offers I turn down are full-on nudity. I’m okay with nudity as long as I think my grandfather won’t fall off his chair when he see’s it. That’s my gauge.
  2. Your wedding looks like a fairytale! Congratulations! Did you ever worry that the non-vegans wouldn’t be supportive of a vegan wedding?
    Thank you! This may sound selfish, and it is in a way; It was Matt and my wedding and I was adamant that it was the most authentic celebration of us. What else could be more authentic then a cruelty-free wedding? I had people coming up to me saying, “Emily, you know I’m the biggest meat-eater, but if I had this food cooked for me every day for the rest of my life, I would be a vegan!” The food was prepared by a 5 star chef from Germany, Chef Johannes Klapdohr, so that gave me a lot of confidence that the food was going to be a gastronomic celebration.
  3. I love the fact that your wedding menu was composed of ingredients from the organic farm you held the wedding at. How important is it to you to eat organic real food?
    Whole plant-based foods are the building blocks of health. Organic food is another level of consciousness. GMO’s and conventional farming are for the birds. Figuratively speaking. My older brother owns an organic farm in Northern VA, so my family is spoiled with quality produce. It seams like being vegan really combines your ethical believes with the desire to be healthy.
  4. How has your relationship to food changed since becoming vegan?
    I had an eating disorder for many years before I became a vegan. The decision to eat a vegan diet was not intended to cure my eating disorder, I chose the lifestyle for health and ethical reasons. Ever since I can remember, the root of my authentic self is a compassionate animal lover, so by taking the meat and dairy off of my plate, I was able to connect with my food again and heal my negative relationship with food. This makes me wonder why so many people find food as the enemy. If they were to change what’s on their plate, I wonder if their relationship with food would change.
  5. Is your hubby vegan? If so, was he before you met? If not, how do you deal with that?
    Matt is my #1 cheerleader. He was not a vegan when we met. In fact, he tried to invite me over for homemade chocolate chip cookies and bagels and cream cheese on multiple occasions for him to get the point; I wasn’t a cheagan (cheater vegan). Our home is now completely vegan: refrigerator, pantry, cabinets–it’s all about having good karma in the house!Here is Emily with her family. Photo curtesy of Emma Del Rey.

Emily with hubby Matt and their Rescue Dog Spunky!

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